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Dachsador Cash's Web Page

Labrador Retriever / Dachshund / Mixed (medium coat)  : :  Male  : :  Baby  : :  Medium

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About Dachsador Cash

  • Housetrained: No

Meet our sweet “Dachsador Pups” – puppies Cole, Cash, Chase, Cinder, Clay and Caydee.  These babies are Dachshund/Labrador Retriever mixes – yes, yet another so-called “designer” dog by another so-called “breeder”…  enough said on that… These pups have the general body/leg  shape of a Labrador (not the short legs of a doxie), though they are smaller built than a typical lab pup; and their facial features and head structure reflect the Dachshund in their breed mix. 

Currently (10/1), the pups are about 10 wks old and range in weight from 8 lbs (Cinder and Clay) to 12 lbs (Caydee).  (Cole is 10 lbs, and Cash and Chase are just under 12 lbs.)  Cinder and Clay are the short-coated pups of this group.  Cole, Cash and Chase are fluffy with medium-length coats, and Caydee’s coat is in-between short and medium.   We anticipate (though cannot guarantee) that these babies will be medium in size (30 lbs to 50 lbs) when full grown, with Cinder and Clay being on the low end of that range. 

Beyond being adorable, these pups are so very sweet.  They are so incredibly people-oriented.  They absolutely LOVE attention & are always ready for hugs and kisses.  They play great together, love to play with their toys while exploring the yard in their foster home, and never resist a chance to run as fast as they can over to foster mommy for some extra loving.  They are happy puppies – in fact, it seems like their little tails never stop wagging!!   All of these pups have lovely temperaments.

In terms of individual personality: 
Cash & Chase are both darling, affectionate, social pups (as are all in this litter).  They are "go with the flow" kind of guys who are always up for some loving or a game of tug.
Cinder, and her brother Clay, are extremely loving and social like their siblings.  They are especially fond of being picked up and held; and this is likely because they are the smallest in the litter.  But, no worries, as they can hold their own with their larger siblings.
Cole is an extremely affectionate, social pup who loves to be held and cuddled.  He is a sweet, sweet boy who will steal your heart.
Caydee is an exceptionally sweet and loving puppy.  She is a "soft" pup with a very gentle, easy-going demeanor.
Any of these pups would be a great addition to a loving, responsible forever home.

If you have the time, willingness and ability to commit to one of these babies – for his/her whole life – no matter what may lie ahead in yours, please register on (click Register on the left-hand side of our homepage).  When you receive your password on your email account, then log back on to our website with your username and password to complete the online adoption application (click Forms/Applications on the left-hand side of our homepage).  Once we have your SAFE AT LAST adoption application, we will contact you by email to schedule the phone interview to commence the review process.  Our process is very straightforward but does involve the phone interview, reference checks and a home assessment.  An adoption fee of $ 375, and a refundable $35 spay/neuter deposit (required by NYS law), also apply.

These pups are being fostered in a private home; we do not have a centralized facility.  THEREFORE, YOU CANNOT MEET THE PUPS UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED FOR ADOPTION, & YOU CANNOT BE CONSIDERED FOR ANY OF OUR ANIMALS UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE SAFE AT LAST ADOPTION APPLICATION.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT THE APPLICATIONS OF OTHER ORGANIZATIONS, INCLUDING PETFINDER, ADOPT-A-PET, ALLPAWS, ETC.  Delay in submitting the Safe at Last adoption application will put you at a disadvantage, since we review applications in the order received.


If you have any questions, please email us at

Thank you for your interest & for helping us save abandoned pets, one life at a time.

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Dachsador Cash Dachsador Cash Dachsador Cash