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Animal Success Stories
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Sweet Pea

When these two are not chasing each other around the yard or laying on top of each other, they are playing lazy couch fighting! I love our new edition with another name change, Roxy (she’s so foxy!) fka Lily fka Sweet Pea!!! Love Love Love her and so does everyone else in the house! Thanks for saving her and her pups and giving me the chance to be an overnight fail!


Lana, now Libby, is all settled in with her wonderful new family. Here she is having some family play time.

Lana's Ramona

This is a pic of adoption day for Ramona, now Cora. She is much loved by her amazing family & is doing great!


Hello Cindy! Edgar is home with us as of today! And he is just the sweetest little angel that has ever been. He's even a little sassy!! We are head over heels in love with him!! Herman has been introduced a couple times now and they've sniffed each other out. They want to play but they're a little rough and overly excited for today. We can't thank you enough for bringing us together. We're absolutely over the moon! I don't usually do selfie's-but here he is all snuggled having a nap in our bed.


Rosie and I are doing great! Everyday is better and better as she relaxes more and more! We couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much Sharon, Jillian, Ali, and Safe At Last!

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