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11/29/2022 8:31 PM


All of us at Safe At Last Animal Rescue wish to thank you for wanting to open your heart and home to a rescue pet.  Adoption through rescue (or directly from shelters) surely saves lives!!  

To adopt a Safe At Last pet, you must first complete our online adoption application and go through our review & approval process, which involves reference checks and a home assessment.  We do this for the protection and well-being of our animals, as well as to try to ensure that the adoptive family and pet are well-suited for one another, thus, resulting in a match for life. 

Accessing and completing the online adoption application is easy.  First, you must register with us -- by clicking "Register" under "My Rescue"  on the bottom lefthand side of our home page.  Once you have registered, a password will be sent back to your email address.  Then, you must log back on to our website using your user name and password.  You will then be able to access our forms by clicking "Forms/Applications" on the left hand side of our home page (under "Website Features").  Then, click "Adoptions (new),"  complete the form, and submit it. 

Once we have received your completed application, a Safe At Last volunteer will be in touch shortly thereafter to confirm receipt and provide status reports as we proceed with our review.  We are all volunteers with other commitments (work, family, etc), but we very much value our adopters and will do our best to expeditiously process your application and timely respond to your questions.  Of course, if you experience any difficulty in accessing our forms, or if you have any other questions about our process, please email us at 

Again, thank you for your interest in our wonderful rescue animals & helping us save shelter pets, one life at a time.