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Animal Success Stories
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They seem to be getting along :)


Ginny doesn't give a duck about the rain :)


Oh my god This dog is the cutest sweetest thing in the world <3 We went on a great adventure today and she got to sniff all the smells!


We hear that Guinness, now Gizmo, is much loved by his new forever family & that he is making himself right at home. Many thanks for giving this sweet kitten his forever home :-)


Good Morning Cindy, I wanted to give you an update... First, Grizz's new name is "Zulu" - I know, we went a completely different direction! Zulu means "Z" in the phonetic alphabet, the mariner signal flag for Zulu means "I require a tug" (which is true when it came to the leash the first day or so) and it's also Greenwich Mean Time of Zero. If you're always trying to reach balance, that would be zero. .... Zulu has been coming to the office with me! The spa room is so chill, that he lays in his kennel and sleeps through massage appointments! It's also given him an invaluable chance to encounter ALL kinds of different people and situations! He's such a good boy! Or as we say, "BRAVO ZULU!" (Which has a military/maritime meaning of "Mission accomplished, job well done ladies and gentlemen") Lastly, I've attached a video of playtime yesterday morning. He's very independent, in that he plays so well by himself. You were so right when you said he would be just fine on his own and not need another puppy around. Please let me know if there is anything you need from me, or other updates I can send in the future. Thank you again for the rescue work you do. You gave us the opportunity to bring the perfect little boy into our home, and we can't thank you enough! You have our gratitude, Liz, Lance & Zulu

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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