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Animal Success Stories
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Peter Pan

Hi Sharon! I was literally just about to email you with an update. Jasper is doing very well! He now weighs 20.2 lbs and vet said to feed him 3 times a day. .... he has had his last booster and rabies shot. His face is almost all healed too (he had a second round of antibiotics). Here are some photos and videos of Mr. Handsome Pants! He send you all his puppy love with lots of hugs and kisses! uc


Cindy, Thanks ao much!!! Polar was showered with love yesterday. He met my daughter, her friend, my sister, her husband & two kids, my parents and a couple uncles. Basically, everyone was taking turns holding him & taking him out for potty breaks. He went from scared to cuddly, perky and affectionate very quickly. It was one of the best days in...I can’t remember how long. You are doing absolutely amazing work with these animals. It is just wonderful. I will send you pictures of Polar in his new home. Thank-you so much!!! Amy


Update (7/30/15): Hi Cindy! I just want to let you know all is well at the Gould Animal Kingdom! Febe is strong, fast and very smart. She is such an athletic dog. Its amazing to watch her run and play fetch. SHE LOVES FETCH and loves to show off all her special athletic attributes! She has a "nose" that gets us all in trouble sometimes and she can be bossy! We are working on that. She is lovable and very gentle with us and anyone she meets. We have been socializing her and doing obedience training! She is a quick learner. Sometimes I'm not sure who's actually in training- Febe or us! I've attached pictures so you can see how she has grown. She is 40 lbs. We love her and everyone else that meets her loves her too! But she is all ours:) Febe has been spayed and she did very well. The stitches came out today. Enjoy the pictures and Ive attached the spay certificate. We are off to OBX tomorrow and our nephew is staying at our home to take care of Febe and Hawk. I am a little nervous about leaving her. Hawk knows the routine but we have never left Febe. Hope you and all your new pups are well and enjoying this beautiful summer! Be well my friend. Luciann Gould ....And check out Febe's new pics on our SAL FB page ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Good Morning Cindy, Febe and I made it home safely. She has adjusted incredibly well. Slept through the night without any accidents. She has also done great this morning. I took the morning off, David will be here when I leave for work, and Bob will be home by 1:30 today. So today she will not be left alone. I wanted her to be able to bond to us so I think this initial time was important. Cindy- she LOVES it here! And everyone here loves her. She is a sweetie pie, funny, very curious and loves to run around outside with us. Such a good pup and it is just 12 hours in. I'd love to chat with you today. I want to share what she has done in this short time and I have a couple of questions regarding her eating habits. No rush. Just let me know what time is best for you. Thank you. You have done a remarkable job with these pups! Healthy, friendly and so lovable! You gave them the chance they so deserved. I am grateful:))) Talk to you later, Luciann P.S. And here is a pic of beautiful Febe with her wonderful, handsome big brother Hawk.


6/30/15 - Home safe and sound. He is adjusting well. He goes to the vet Tuesday we let you know how that goes


4/24/15 - This is Duncan- adopted him year ago January thanks to Theresa Swenson & Safe at Last A R. Wish I'd had him when he was a pup. Can't thank all that helped Duncan & I enough for bringing us together. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phantom, now Duncan, in his new home, where he is very much loved by his new family.

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