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Hello! Hope all is well at Safe at Last! I adopted a puppy last year out of the X litter- Xavier (now named Ben). Now that we have had him for one year I wanted to share an update of how he is doing. He has such a great disposition and has been so easy to train. He is loyal to a fault and loves to swim and hike and spend time outside! We can't picture life without him now! I was also wondering if you had any other pictures of the X litter- I am curious as to how they all look now. Best, Kathryn Casey


UPDATE:Hi Sharon, We just wanted to check in and say hi. Xannon is going to the vet tomorrow to get neutered and get his extra claws removed (the vets refers to those as danglers). He's getting so big. I'll get a copy of his neuter paperwork once I get it. I attached a copy pictures, Jorge has decided Xannon isn't so bad after all, at least when he's sleeping anyway. Everyone is getting along well and Xannon is doing great. He's still Bellas shadow and drives her crazy but she's great with him. I hope all is well with you and your babies. I check out the new babies all the time even though 2 is enough for me. I have to say I have fallen in love with Brutus's picture and hope his finds a forever home soon. I'll talk to you soon and get you the paperwork in his neutering. Take care and d enjoy the newest pictures. Tracy, Bella, Xannon and Jorge ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Sharon, We made it home. Grammie fell in love with the little man. He slept all the way home. He and Bella are getting along great... Thank you for everything. ... Tracy, Bella and Xannon


Here is Xochiti, now Sasha, with brother X-Man/now Chase, and their new family (human and and canine). Aren't double adoptions wonderful?????


Here is X-Man, now Chase, with his new family. Happy puppy!!!!!!

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