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Update (July 2015): Zack's mom updated us on the one year anniversary of his adoption -- we are told that Zacky is quite the diplomatic, loving, sweet soul. And we've attached a few recent pics of him. Zack's parents would love updated pics of his siblings -- so, if you could get them to us, we will post here and on our FB page. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here is a picture of Zack during his first week of work with his new mom at her yarn shop in NYC. Happy boy!! And, here is what mom Rita has to say: Heavenly time for us. Enjoying my daughter and granddaughter meeting the pup. Zack and I will look for chanterelle mushrooms.. Hopeful from all the rain. I adore my darling pup. He could not be sweeter. I feel like I really lucked out with him I hope you enjoy your weekend too . I met Elsa aka Pippi, Tippi, Hattie, BillieJo. She is a precious one to be sure.. Best regards Rita


How are you? Hope all is well in your beautiful neck of the woods. Wanted to give you an update on Zeus! :) Sweet Zeus (now named Yogi!) is a dream come true. He has the most loving, spirited yet easy-going, personality and everyone just falls in love with him the moment they meet him. He greets EVERYONE as if they are his long-lost best friend which makes him irresistible! The pizza delivery guy already has an ongoing rapport with him. Our yorkipoo, Mikey, tried hard to act unimpressed with Yogi's contagious energy and love of life, but even he could not resist his charm and they are now like two peas in a pod. What makes Yogi even more special is that my husband and son get special treatment like no other dog we've had. He has them both wrapped around his paw! My husband actually shares his favorite chair with Yogi and he keeps it warm while he is at work (as you can see in one of the pics). He is an absolute love. We cannot thank you enough for bringing Yogi into our lives and helping us to fill the void after the loss of our beloved Charlie. You, Safe at Last Rescue and Yogi are all heaven sent. Thank you!!


hi cindy - i wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do! sole (formerly known as ZuZu) has been a wonderful addition to our family. sharon did a spectacular job of raising her and caring for her until we could take her home. sole is extremely smart and silly and just a bit timid. however, she is a quick study and is learning so much in her new environment. she's been to the vet and will begin puppy kindergarden next week. the vet suggests spaying her at around 7 months old when we will also have her microchipped. we love her and will keep you posted! thanks again to you and sharon. best, andrea


Hi there!! I wanted to forward along some pics of Berkley (as promised). He is getting so big!! He weighs about 50lbs now (~5.5months old). He has been neutered and micro chipped. We go to puppy classes so he can socialize with other pups. He is SOO smart; he can do all of the tricks. Hope everything is well! Bobby, Berkley, and Katlyn Wilcox J


Zane, now Teddy (on the right in the photo), just sent his Aunt Cindy a note: Auntie Cindy: Just wanted you to see how much I have grown. I love being with this family. I get spoiled rotten. The only problem is I get kissed and hugged way too much. My big sister is teaching me the ropes. I get to see in the highrise (bow window) with Harley. We play chase all of the time. I play chase with mom and dad too! I Don't want them to get lazy. Just want you to know I am very happy. I will come visit soon. Love ya Teddy

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