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Animal Success Stories
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Dachsador Cinder

Update (3/25/17): Just thought you'd like to see our "little" pup. She's approaching 60 pounds and still only 8 months old! This is the queen sized bed she prefers over any one we've bought for her. She's definitely not a runt anymore! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update (12/19/16): Just wanted to send a greeting from our home to yours ... see how Emma (Cinder) has grown. She's over 30 pounds now and not even 5 months so we're thinking that she's not going to follow the path of "runt" too long! She is well loved! Thanks for introducing us! Joan, Ken, Jacob and Kate McKenzie ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update - Cinder/Emma - day 1 - She had a great night and is feeling very content in her new home....THANK YOU, McKenzie family for welcoming my baby girl home!! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Adoption day report: Everything has gone very well! She has seemed quite content and has let us put the leash on and off without resistance. AND she peed and pooped outside already. She is eating her dinner now and is going in and outside without a problem. Such a sweet puppy! > > Loved your pictures ... Thx ... She was so tired she fell asleep on the floor and then in my lap. After that she just walked into her crate and put herself to bed. It was so sweet. Thanks for all you have done and will do to help dogs like Emma!

Dachsador Chase

Here is a picture of Chase in his new home, looking as handsome as ever. We hear that Chase is a smart pup and is loving his new family. Thank you, Debbie and Aaron, for welcoming this beautiful boy into your lives!

Dachsador Cash

Happy Thursday ! All is going very well at the Schmid household! All our babies are acclimated to their new "little" brother. No belly problems, but he is quite the drinker(we think he has a hole in his lip; he is so sloppy! Hahaha!). Potty training has been a breeze, and he is now used to his leash and taking lots of walks! He is sleeping right next to his bed and sleeps all night! He is so in-tune to Khris and will make an amazing comfort dog. Thank you for all that you have done! We are so blessed! Love from The Schmid's and Kashi (Cash)

Dachsador Cole

Hi Cindy, He is the smartest puppy in the whole world. 3 days in and only one minor pee accident because we were watching a movie that was too long. He lets us know every time he needs to go. No puppy pads needed! The vet said he's healthy and scheduled his next shots for mid-November and will microchip during neutering later down the road. He made a couple friends at the vet! We didn't even get a crate till today but Poe loves it oddly enough. We just keep it open and he likes to go in on his own. He brought a bunch of his toys in it and hangs out when he's not playing with us. He learned stairs up and down (after we finally stopped carrying him when he cried). He also is learning the intricacies of leash training, or maybe we are. Either way he's going on walks at least 3 times a day... After breakfast/before work, after lunch and after dinner potty/party time. We'll keep you posted for sure!!! We are all super happy.

Dachsador Caydee

Good morning Cindy. Just wanted to let you know that Daschka aka Caydee (we finally settled on her name!) is doing great!!! Already running outside on the property with the boys. Loves having her big crate to sleep accidents in the house at all even overnight. Is less sure of the cats!!! Boys are good but dubious at this stage.. they will settle though I am sure :-). Chevy particularly is jealous but he has been the baby for a while and is unhappy about the potential displacement! Pictures will follow!

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