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Hi sunshine! How are you? Our house feels complete again now that Toby's with us :) I will most definitely keep you guys posted on his medical appointments. And I will share pictures with you guys as well. Thank you all for giving me and my family a magnificent gift of a lovely puppy. I hope that you stay in contact as well. Miss you :) Take care Shanna


Update on Fallon/now Trooper (October 2016): Hello! Thanksgiving has just passed here and we wanted to let you know how grateful we are for the handsome four legged boy in the pictures. Trooper, grown twice his size and surprisingly solid since we brought him home from you in early April, is a wonderful friend. He's had his "wee operation" with no troubles. (Please cash the $30 cheque anyway and consider it a donation to the very good work Safe At Last is doing!) He is a truly lovely dog. He has all the fun of a terrier, but is also eager to please and so very quick to learn. We are all enjoying his companionship and I'm pretty sure, he is enjoying ours! Many thanks again for giving him such a healthy start after a very unsure beginning in life. Take good care. Christine, Aaron, Evelyn & Tia. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Good Evening Sharon and Dennis: A short note to let you know that we made it home safe and sound. It made for a long day -- and quite an adventure given the snow squalls -- but we are now all safely tucked in. Not sure what Master Fallon thinks of all of this but it we are pretty sure he doesn't t like the cold. Your paperwork was great and ensured a totally seamless process at the border. We were stopped for about two minutes in total: the border agent looked carefully at the folder and handed it all back to us with a smile and we were on our way. We will be in touch with more pictures. Again, thank you both for everything. The Hywarrens


Hi Sharon, I wanted to let you know Gemi is doing great. She slept through the night with no accidents and only whined once! She and Bailey are getting along great. Thank you for everything you do! She is so sweet, you can tell she was raised with love. We wish we could have taken her brother too! Sincerely, Jane, Gemi, Bailey, and the rest of the Starr family


Here is a lovely update on Faith/now Mia: Sharon - Mia fits right in. We had 7 dogs here for Christmas and everyone got a long great. Theodore adores his little sister. In fact she poops him out. Harley is like the mother of the group. Over sees that they are behaving. She is constantly watching and cleaning Mia. Mia took her first bath and it sounded like I was hurting her- Teddy to the rescue. He was not happy with me. We are just one big happy family. Oh I know what next years gift will be. A truck load of paper towels. hahahaha Hope you had a nice Christmas. Have a great New Year. Barb


Hi Cindy, I hope you're doing well. I miss you a lot, but I really like my new home and parents... I love getting cozy on the bed. I sleep in between mommy's and daddy's feet at night. Then when they move, I attack their feet and wake them up... I am finally brave enough to get on the couch to look outside, except when the garbage truck comes; then, it's back to the closet. But, at night, I like to relax and play with my parents. I really love it here. They feed me lots of treats and mommy has gotten me lots of toys and we play a lot. Sometimes mommy calls me a weasel because I am always looking for trouble. I hope you are doing well and taking good care of my friend. Thank you for letting me come to live here. I get cuddles and love all the time. I love you, Tilly

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