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Animal Success Stories
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Here is a pic of James (aka JJ) with his new momma. Another match made in heaven!!

James Bond

Six week gotcha photo op with Mr Toblerone. Full group shot fail but adorableness all the same!


Josie is a spitfire but keeps us moving! We are no longer couch potatoes! Her passion is a ball and her yard that has plenty of room to play. Neighbors loved her so much...they adopted a Covid pup too who is now her best puppy friend. We're still working on being friends with our kitty who isn't afraid of her...just too much puppy energy right now but we're learning impulse control ... sorta. She's a definite joy!


Update on Jada, now "Angel Puppy": Hello there! Sorry for the delay.. Things got busy with Erica's end of year stuff, and helping the puppy learn our routine, not to mention what to chew and what not to chew ha ha She is such a lovebug! (Love the adjective you chose!) Aw, you didn't tell us she has a white heart on her chest! So cute! Paco has been thinking that the name Angel would be a better fit.. given her personality and the heart on her chest. We've started calling her Angel Puppy, which vowel-wise is similar to Jada Puppy.. and she seems to like it! Erica reverted back to Jada after realizing Amethyst is a mouthful ha ha. Switching to Angel won't be hard for Erica to do. Just yesterday, Angel Puppy has been making friends with our white & black cat Mr. Boy. She has been very gentle with him... mostly! She loves to lick his face & ears, and he just goes into a state of bliss. My oldest cat even likes to be in the same room as Angel. I think the puppy projects good vibes that the cats pick up on. As promised, here are the pics I was telling you about. Enjoy! __________________________________________________________________ _________________________________ Hello! I wanted to write yesterday but things got (wonderfully) busy. It was lovely meeting you, too and we truly appreciate all you do for your dogs! … Jada spent most of the trip right next to Erica, and Erica spent most of the trip home petting and speaking to Jada. Yesterday, Erica had Jada on her leash and they ran and played in the yard. Erica then said Jada was "her" dog.  When we were dog-sitting my friend's 1 y.o. purebred 5 lb Pomeranian in early April, all my cats hid and even Stel didn't want much to do with her the whole time, even though she is very sweet and loving. I think because she was very energetic. With Jada, the cats still hid...but not for long! The first cat to check out Jada was, believe it or not, my SHYEST cat! Wow! Jada now has to learn not to bark and chase after them (to get them to play). She is already making progress in that area. Jada accidentally crowded Stel between the shoe rack and herself… Stel put Jada in her place and that was that. By Saturday around noon, Jada was napping under the kitchen table and Stel kind of stood over her, watching. And this morning, Stel came with me to let Jada out of her crate, tail wagging… and Stel started to clean Jada's ears! She's such a mom! Ha ha She did not have any accidents on the way home, nor has she had any inside the house (she almost did once while we were eating dinner, but we caught it in time). Yesterday she has started to tell us when she wants to go out! I'm impressed! We were marveling last night how much she has already learned in her first 24 hours with us. She tolerates the collar, is happy to walk on the leash, learned not to be afraid of the outside door, is well on the way to being house trained, is getting used to our routine (and vice versa).. Paco mentioned Jada is acting like she's been with us more like a month. Of course, she'd rather explore our house with her mouth instead of playing chewing on her toys. Once she learns what's ok and not ok to chew on, she'll be good to go! Jada is such a good puppy ... she really is a great fit for our family! Thanks yet again for ALL you do!! Joyce


Hi Cindy, Jonah is doing great! He had his vet appt yesterday and they said he was doing great. He has been really good through the night too. Working out a few things, like how to keep him away from Honeys food, but other than that we are settling in reallly nicely. We have had him on the patio with us through the weekend and him and the twins ran for about 12 hours straight everyday- no wonder he sleeps so well! He is a total riot and has had us laughing, which we can always use more of!! Thank you again for all you did to care for him before he came to us- we are very grateful. I've attached a photo of his favorite spot on the patio. Greta

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