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Animal Success Stories
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Here's little Rose - all 2.2 lbs of her! This little one was in rough shape when she came to us, but look at her now, all bright-eyed and beautiful. We say, thank you, Momma Susanna & foster momma Jodi!!


Here is Ripley in his new forever home, meeting new brother Keanu for the first time. This is what momma Vivian tells us: Hi Cindy, we're home safely and here's the happy meeting of the kittens. Seamless!


Update on Nellie (October 2016): Hi Cindy! I hope you have been well...Nellie (formerly known as Robin from the sky litter, adopted May 2015) and I wanted to send you an update. It has been such a joy watching Nellie come out of her shell more and more everyday. Nellie loves to be outside no matter what the weather...although as she has gotten her adult fur we are learning she has a preference for the winter and she can't wait for the snow again. She loves to go on hikes and walks, run in figure eights, and dig wherever she can get her paws on. She is so friendly to other dogs and loves every ounce of attention she can get from people. We are so thankful everyday to have her as a part of our family and can't thank you enough for all you do. Here are some pictures of our girl! Emily DeGiule ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update on Nellie (8/26/15): Hi Cindy! Nellie (Robin) and i wanted to send you an update as we have made some recent changes! Nellie and I have recently moved to the greater Boston area for some new adventures! My fiancé Billy and I were extremely picky when choosing an apartment since Nellie is such an active dog and our patience paid off because we are now living in a suburban area with a huge fence in backyard and plenty of trails/paths around us. I am constantly impressed by Nellie's "go with the flow" temperament and how quickly she adapts. She is really such a special pup and we continue to just fall in love with her. She has turned into quite the goofy pup and you can almost always find her with a giant smile on her face. She is about 45 pounds now and Billy and I joke that she doesn't have a graceful bone in her body. But boy does she LOVE to run! Whether it's in the yard full steam (she always runs in figure eights) or at a much slower pace with me around town. Anyways, sorry for the update turning a bit longer than I expected...I could go on and on about her. Billy and I cannot thank you enough for all that you do and especially for bringing such an amazing dog into our lives. We feel beyond blessed to have her as a part of our family, we hope you are enjoying your summer! Emily, Billy, and Nellie! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update on Nellie (6/25/15): Hi Cindy! Nellie (formerly known as Robin) got spayed yesterday and I thought it'd be a great time to send you an update and some pictures of her! She know weighs 34.8 pounds and has grown so much! I honestly cannot brag about her enough...she had a shy and more timid personality when she first arrived home, but man oh man has she come out of her shell! Nellie is naturally well behaved and has made training quite easy, but she has such a wild and goofy side too : ) Nellie loves to have fun, meet new dogs (she knows every house on our road that has a dog), play, go on adventures, and get endless belly rubs! She loves to run, hike, chase Zoe (her favorite), and is learning to love the water at the lake! We cannot thank you for allowing us to have her in our lives as she really has become such a wonderful part of this family. Thank you! We hope you enjoy the summer! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update on Nellie (formerly Robin): Hi Cindy! Below are some pictures of the beautiful Nellie. Watching her adventure out, try new things, and really come into her own has been such a fun time for all of us! She is so in love with being outdoors and her and Zoe have become fast friends. We cannot thank you enough for this beautiful pup and I feel beyond grateful to have this new joy in my life! Emily and Nellie ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Cindy! I just wanted to touch base with you and give you an update on puppy Nellie! She has been integrating beautifully into her new home and I am so beyond impressed with her! The first day was definitely an adjustment, but she has been coming out of her shell more and more each day. She has been responding well to her crate (sleeping through the night!) and has been doing great with the leash. She follows Zoe around all over the yard and loves playing with her (especially chasing Zoe while Zoe chases a frisbee). I will send pictures later this week! I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful pup! She is really just so wonderful. Enjoy this beautiful weather! Emily ____________________________________________________________________________________________________


Hi Cindy, I wanted to share this picture of Chloe with you. We adopted her five years ago. She has been a joy everyday since then and we are so happy that she is wiith us. We fenced in our back yard for her because she loves to be outside. She has her own full sized bed where she likes to sleep instead of her doggy bed. She's a picky eater so she gets chicken everyday along with her dry food. She loves to go for rides in the car and has to go for a walk at least every morning and afternoon. She is pretty much a spoiled princess but we love her!!!


Here is Cooper (formerly Rasmus) having a wonderful time playing & then taking a well-deserved snooze!

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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