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Animal Success Stories
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Tyke is settling in nicely! Abby renamed him Finnian. He is eating, drinking water and using the litter box. I was worried about the litter box because we are using a different kind - called Skoon - it's biodegradable and non-clumping pieces that absorb the pee instead of clay clumping litter. But, he took right to it. I had a litter box with the clay litter next to it just in case but we are happy that he chose the Skoon!  He loves to play! He loves the squeaky cardinal-on-a-stick toy. He already knows how to stalk it! Their instincts amaze me.


Cindy, Good to hear from you, and glad all the pups now have new homes. We renamed Tim, Miloh-Henry, and he is doing great. He has come to the shop a few days, and greeted, kissed customers and my helpers. He is learning to walk on the lead a bit, and his potty outside mostly. We have a crate filled with his toys and blankets so he sleeps through the night there, and is ready to romp in the morning. I take him to our vet Monday for the next shots. I'm sure they will fall in love with him too! Sending along a recent photo.Toni and Joe


We hear Jeffrey (formerly Tabasco) is doing great with big sister Katherine: "He is quite the independent lil boy already... no accidents since we've been home peed 3 times and pooped outside!!!!! Just such a beautiful confident little man!!!! Ty soooo much..."


Update (August 2016): Hi Cindy! Mark and I were just talking about you the other day and I thought, gee, I think I'll send her a new picture! We have had a crazy year. Pooter (our Shih tzu) passed away in the fall and we were all so sad. He and Mark and been companions for 16 years and he and Tyler had been together since the day we brought him home from your house. We got a new puppy - Gidget! She is also a rescue and came from Tennessee. She is a shih tzu/carrion terrier mix and is full of it! She and Tyler DID NOT hit it off at all, but we all just took it slow and kept them separate with a huge divider in our living room. In the spring we bought a new house and once they were in a new spot everything was good! They are both adjusting to an invisible fence (which Tyler can fly through....we are still working on this!). Everyone went on our trip to NC in July and had a great time! We hope you are well and when we drive past the Middleburgh exit we always think of you and the four-legged fur baby that is such a great part of our family! Love, Larisa (and Family!) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update (July 2015): Hi Cindy! We just returned from our annual trip to North Carolina (Tyler's 3rd!) I just wanted to share since he continues to bring so much joy to our family! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cindy, Things continue to go well and everyone is adjusting! Hannah and I took him for his vet appointment and he dazzled everyone with his cuteness! He was so good - and not afraid. He wanted to play with the other pets in the waiting room :). He has an ear infection in his left ear, so we got some medicine for it. He enjoys his walks, and LOVES the snow! Yesterday was his first "work" day - and he did great! Pooter, Ty and I went for a walk and played outside for a while. He has slept through the night, and as soon as the lights are out, he digs his little nest of blankets next to our bed and is out until morning! He follows me if I get up in the night, but settles right back in! Again, thanks for all the work you did with him....we know how hard puppy training is, and he is just wonderful! He has also been on a playdate with Lori's dogs, and he and Scotty got along great! They tired each other out! Hope your vacation was restful! Enjoy the new year, we will be in touch! Larisa

Tuscarora (
Tuscarora ("Aurora")

We've gotten wonderful updates on Aurora, now Daisy. We hear she has settled in to her new home incredibly well, is a good girl, and is much loved by her new family. Her new dad drives her around everywhere -- he is said to be "driving Miss Daisy"!! We thank you for giving this wonderful puppy a wonderful life.

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