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Thank you for checking in! Oliver is doing so well. We just love him. He is so comfortable with our home and family. We have his first vet appointment on Wednesday. I will keep you posted:). Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


Hi Sharon and friends of Safe At Last: Happy, who we are now calling "Bennie" (after my Dad Barry), settled in well last night, and slept near Beau on my bed towards the end of the night. This trusting and sweet boy was even up on the couch and snuggling in with me this morning. More photos to come when my son Jared meets him Thanks again for completing our family! We are already in love.


Update: Time does heal and make most things better. Case in point, ... - Juneau's first attempt at sharing her older brother & sister's bed in the kitchen didn't go very well; yesterday's attempt went much better. - That went so well, she tried lying with Bella on "her" bed in the yard. Sure, why not? And so it goes!! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Good morning! Wonderful seeing you last evening and having an opportunity to also see your lovely home. So upon bringing the new pups home, Bella was totally frightened. She did not know what to make of the "wind-up toys" presented before her. Jethro was totally intrigued. He seemed to get into the playing right away. Bella did get into the swing of things after a while, and all four were tuckered out after playing in the yard. We foresee where "Mom" and "Dad" will benefit from Bella and Jethro having new playmates, and visa-versa. We familiarized Juneau and McKinley with the crate as you instructed. They did whine for a short while each time they went in, but we recall Bella and Jethro being much more fussy when we brought them home. We all went upstairs to bed at 9:00 pm, then pups went out at 11:00 pm, 1:00 am, then 4:00 am when I got up. No accidents in the crate, they peed and/or pooped each time they went out. I think the longest they whined was for 15 to 20 minutes after the 1:00 am trip outside. One piddle on the kitchen floor earlier in the evening which will certainly not be the last. My memory loss of puppyhood quickly was regained this morning when Michael took Bella and Jethro back upstairs, and I remained in the kitchen with Juneau and McKinley. "Mom's" slipper-socks and pink fluffy bathroom quickly became teething tools and play toys. OMG! Hard to discipline when one is laughing so hard. I now remember how sharp puppy nails and teeth are! I can hear Barbara Streisand singing "Memories" now!!! :-) Michael handled feeding duty as I leave for work at 6:00 am. To quote my husband, it was "quite the scene" as McKinley dove into his food with gusto, sending kernels all over the place which Jethro obliged to pick up. Both pups see no challenge trying to get into the larger food bowls for Bella and Jethro. Everyone ended up eating with the exception of Bella, who is a fuss-bucket on most days. It will probably take both of us simultaneously coordinating feeding time for a while until we get some kind of system in place. All in all, I think our main concern about all four "pups" getting along has been eliminated. We won't be leaving them alone together for quite some time. Bella & Jethro will be in their fenced yard when the weather allows; Juneau & McKinley in the crate in the kitchen. We also have a puppy area set up upstairs if all 4 need to be indoors. Michael is taking a half-day off today and is off tomorrow. I will be taking time off all next week so we'll have several days to get all of us accustom to the change. Juneau and McKinley's first check-up at Cobleskill Vet Clinic is scheduled for Wednesday, 7/6, 2:30 pm. Jeanine and company are excited to meet the new additions to our family. :-) Will let you know how that goes in all regards. I made a copy of the medical history for them to keep. Attached are some pictures. Thank you again for the advice, goodie bags and friendship. We are now blessed with four beautiful pups. Kindest regards, Karen & Michael


Update on Sawyer (formerly our Hans): Hi Sharon, Dennis and ever changing Crew! … In a nutshell, Sawyer continues to be one amazing dog and yes, we are so totally head over heels in love with the little waggle butt! His bid for Mayor continues and he is adding rapidly to his adoring fan base. The jeweler down the street who always has his black lab at the store is totally voting for him...gee I wonder if I can parlay this into discounts from all the area stores? Have I no shame to use an innocent puppy in this manner ??? He is not wearing his bandanna because he is so uncomfortable in the heat I don't want to add anything additional to the mix. As soon as it starts getting cooler he will be sporting it proudly! I do at every chance chat up Safe At Last and just yesterday gave out your info to a very interested person. I do need that vest for His Honor so we can hand out brochures! He is now fully intact and very proud of himself...little does he know what awaits him! We had a great day yesterday because when I took him out he actually peed in the park not in the office; great progress is being made. He is completely housebroken at home and it looks like we are well on the way at work. Not bad for one week of adjusting. … Nancie and I both agreed that we wished you were closer to us geographically because we think we would enjoy getting to know you better. You and Dennis are good, good people! How are your new fosters doing? Is Sawyer's look alike similar in personality? You must have your hands full! I just took a picture of Sawyer hard at work in the office. I hope you don't report me to the authorities for breaking child labor laws!! More pics will be coming soon! "Talk" soon. Hope all is well! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update on Sawyer (formerly Hans): Hi Sharon, Dennis and pack! Sawyer continues his campaign for Mayor and wins voters left and right. We actually had a man run a half of a block shouting what kind of dog is he...creepy and funny at the same time! Another business owner on the block (Miranda's Deli who is also an ex Albany policeman) was won over yesterday. He couldn't believe someone would let this dog go! Today I had the bartender from The Hollow (restaurant at the bottom of our building) come running out and say we all need to know what kind of dog he is! Crazy how much attention he is getting! … When is your next group expected? Are you ready? Best, Lorraine, Bill & Sawyer ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi "Guys" -- It is official, after much deliberation Hans has now become Sawyer but he will forever have the additional Solo nickname. It doesn't seem to matter, no matter the name his tail continues to wag! He is a wonderful office dog, quiet, calm, friendly and just pure cuteness. The biggest hurdle we have is when I take him to the park to do his business he gets very side tracked by all his adoring fans (especially Louis the Enchanted Florist and the ladies at Mug Shots Cafe) and forgets that he is out on a walk for a different reason! We joke that he is running for Mayor of Albany and is busy networking with his peeps! … He has his first vet visit this Friday so we will report back to you. … I checked out the new litter and you are right the one pup could definitely be from Sawyer's litter. Good thing we have our hands full with the new guy otherwise we would be sorely tempted to bring his twin home! Will get pictures to you soon! Best, Lorraine & Bill


Our furry little angel, Harry - he is such an amazing dog, and such a wonderful addition to our family! Thank you Safe At Last for all you do!

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