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Animal Success Stories
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Kay is still doing great and settling in. Vivian keeps saying "I love Kay sooooooo much" and Simon is kissing her nose and laying in her bed with her.


Update on Luna (8/15/18): Hi Cindy, Just wanted to give you an update on our love, Luna :) We could not be more in love!! She is having a blast in our backyard and with her friends at daycare! The vet says she will be 35 lbs max, so cute. She is so happy, and makes our lives the happiest ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Cindy! Luna is still doing amazingly! She has really come out of her shell, and looks like she's nice and comfortable and adapted here. She's a bucket of love, even when meeting both of our neighbors, and their dogs! ... Hope all is well! Best regards, Joe, Danielle, and Luna


We hear that Kenai, who is now Apollo, is doing great with his big brother Zeus. :)


Here is an updated pic of Kane with one of his human brothers --- awww, too cute!! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Toby and Kane get along pretty good for the most part. Toby at times acts a little hesitant. The kids are great with Kane as Kane is great with them. Kane is glued to Perry my boys dad he follows him everywhere; it's so cute! He slept pretty good last night. He's been outside most of the day with us and the kids and Toby it was pretty descent out and just playing in the snow. I'll be sending more pictures my dear :) have a good evening


Good Morning Cindy, Tucker is wonderful! He is very sweet and curious. Last night he copied some of Shadow's movements...Shadow laid down, Tucker layer down. Emily and I each drove 1/2 of the trip home and Tucker did beautifully sitting on our laps. He slept a lot perhaps as a result of the rescue chew given to him or the motion of the car. . . Emily slept on the bed in the room with him and Tucker slept in the crate with the door opened. Emily put a divider in the crate so Tucker would have a smaller area and only sleep not poop in the crate. Emily brought him up onto the bed with her a few times. . . Thank you again for taking such good care of Tucker. We are grateful for your thoughtful, knowledgeable care of Tucker. Now that the puppies are gone, you can get some rest. Margaret

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