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Just wanted to touch base and let you know that things with Lady are gonig well. She is settling in nicely (see attached photo with her cuddle buddy). Our vet also wanted to compliment you on your vet/care records.  He said they were very complete and easy to follow everything that you had done. In addition, we are all so impressed by how well socialized Lady is - you did a marvelous job raising her.  Safe-at-last is an incredible rescue and I am so glad that we found you. Thanks so much for everything and if you raise another litter for another rescue mama please let me know.....we might just make room for one more.

Lady Lola

Hi Cindy, I hope this Easter and Passover finds you well. I was deleting many messages and came across this one below. as a saved message. An anniversary of three years I happened to note today. I will forward you a picture separate, but please know that Lady Lola remains the "love" I believe you knew her to be. I got her a cheap DNA test. Hope you are not upset with that. My husband did not approve. :) Top two breads came back- German Short haired Pointer/Parson Russell terrier. When I throw out Corgi /Spaniel that works for most people when they see her and all agree she is cute. Go figure! People ask me routinely on the dog walk to the Great South Bay which is a special walk and the beach, when I can do it (off season). Lola covets a simple walk around the block and yes, playing ball. She is a great jumper for the tennis ball!! She has a bit of an ability for agility too! Have taken a couple of classes for fun only and hope to set up my silly thing in the back yard again if Spring ever comes. Don't look for her at Westminster but she is fast! I am so grateful that she is the such a nice dog. I now have a grandbaby girl and at 13 months I can say she and Lola are becoming pals. I think they are going to be good friends. Lola has always been gentle in nature but she is a bit of an attention hound. My eldest son is her "sitter " if needed and she is happy at his house too. All in all Lola has been a gift to our family. Figured a great day to let you know! All the best. Eileen Graham

Lil House Pup Half-Pint

Hi Cindy, Wanted to give you an update on Ms. Peanut (aka Half Pint). She is doing awesome! Everyone loves her, especially my father. She's been going to all of the shows with me and has a following among all the competitors. She also goes to work with me every day and is the queen of the office. I've attached a few photos so you can see how she has adjusted -- Peanut's first night here; Peanut meeting a horse for the first time (The horse is Wally and he is Peanut's BFF in the backyard); Peanut lazing in the spring sunshine...she loves being outdoors; Peanut and Little One, the bunny; Peanut visiting friends. She's done a lot of traveling this summer...and we have a few more to go. She's also done a 5 mile hike, attended a polo match and has destroyed pretty much every toy she has. It's never a dull moment...she keeps me in stitches. Thanks so much for entrusting me with this little monster. She has helped me a lot, especially with the loss of Duncan. Erin

Lil House Pup Charles

August 2016 Update on Charlie -- We hear he is doing incredibly well. He is happy and loving life. It doesn't get any better than that!! Just look at that big smile!!! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update on our little Charles: ... He has been the most precious thing ever. My neighbors had a party and I brought him over and he just slumped into everyone's lap or arms. One girl works at bid awee was telling me that he is so loving w people and that can be rare w rescue dogs. So you guys did a great job with him. I had them both outside all day and Kylie is snapping less and less when he tries to play. She did steal some of his toys already but he's so laid back. He does sit on her sometimes and she just growls then accepts it. I took some go pro footage of them so when jess comes back we can watch and post some of it. Best, Tom OBrien

Lil House Pup Isaiah

Hi Cindy! Hope all is well, wanted to send you a recent photo of Coraggio! He's doing really well, we love his sweet personality! He's a bit mischievous as all puppies are. He has 2 best friend St. Bernards that live next door!! Did you get those puppies yet?? Have a great summer! Rosanna

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