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Animal Success Stories
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Mr. Bennett

He is vey active, loves to cuddle and HATES to be alone so one of us sleeps in the guest room with him every night and during the day we let him roam the house while the cats are outside. I thank you for choosing us for Mr. Bennett and look forward to when our other cats can truly "mother" him.

Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy and brother Mr. Bingley (now, respectively, Mojo and Loki) are settling in just GREAT at their wonderful new home. We are thrilled these little babies have found their forever home. Choosing to rescue saves lives... MANY THANKS to Momma Cherie!!!

Mr. Bingley

Mr. Bingley (on the right) and Mr. Darcy (on the left) are getting settled in to their new wonderful home. These kitties, now Loki (Bingley) and Mojo (Darcy), are sure to have a wonderful life. We thank all of you for choosing to rescue!!!

Mr. Wickham

Mr. Wickham, now Noodle, is home with his amazing forever family! Moms Savannah and Jen tell us: "Mr. Wickham is smitten with the cat tower and very curious about our older cat (Meatball)! Thanks so much to you and Jodi for raising him!" Thank you Savannah and Jen, from all of us at Safe at Last, for welcoming this beautiful boy home!!


Hi Cindy, I meant to send you a little update earlier but got busy with some last minute errands to prep for the snow. The girls are adjusting beautifully and we are already so in love with them! They really are the sweetest, most affectionate little kitties. And they're having a blast playing together. They're eating well and had no trouble with the litter box. So far, both of them have been using the same one and they haven't shown much interest in the other one. But we'll keep it there for them as an option. We're so happy we decided to keep them together. They're an awesome duo and have already brought us so much joy since joining our little family. We think they feel right at home already! Best, Liz & Pete

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