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Animal Success Stories
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Here are some pictures of the gang! Ivy's new name is Laurel. She seems pretty happy with it! We had some excitement the first night when she ate something (still unknown!) under the table and ended up with an upset belly. We had a quick trip to the vets, but she seems fine now! You can see everyone loves her even the cats who think she is a new toy for them to rub on. Thank you so much! Love, Bre, Daisy, Laurel, Ivy (cat), and Rose


Here is Izzy, doing great in her forever home!!


Bear (previously known as Iman) getting big and hanging out with his brother Lucky. His back leg looks great post-surgery! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Cindy, We love him!! His new name is " Bear", the kids love him so much, he slept through the night. He is so happy, and Lucky plays with him also, Bear takes Lucky's toys and food so we are trying to teach him, but it is cute and funny!! I will send you some pictures. He really loves to run outside in our back yard, he is out there now with the kids playing. He is a gem! Thank you so much again for the opportunity to save such a wonderful puppy! I will keep in touch. Tricia

Indiana Jones ("Indy")

That's Indy (center) in between his brother Casey and his foster sister Gracie. Adopted almost 4 years ago! We love him so much!


From the home of Ingel/now Hickory, Izaack/now Isaac, and Ida/now Kali: Hi Sharon Yes they are all adorable & we are very pleased how quickly they are learning & responding. It's a lot of work as you know, but they are great.. Isaac has become my guardian. I wondered why we chose three & now I know. He sticks by my side for protection¬Ě adorable.. Kali is a blast, ¬¶as you had written on her bio..:) she doesn't know that she is small ..I love that about her & her nickname is spitfire! Hickory is definitely Brian's boy. He loves to snuggle & can be rough & tumble when he wants to be. Hah on the posing..that often can be after several attempts to lick the camera lens & chew on the strap or tip me over when I get low to snap the pic. Fun, fun!! They are loving the snow! ... Amazing great work you are doing!! Talk soon.. Judy

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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