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Animal Success Stories
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Sweet Ace

ACE photos!! He looks better and better every time!! Turns out he IS a Spaniel type!!

Sweet Pea

When these two are not chasing each other around the yard or laying on top of each other, they are playing lazy couch fighting! I love our new edition with another name change, Roxy (she’s so foxy!) fka Lily fka Sweet Pea!!! Love Love Love her and so does everyone else in the house! Thanks for saving her and her pups and giving me the chance to be an overnight fail!

Sesame & Pepita

Pepita & her new best friend. Both pups tired from their first soccer game.


October 2020 Update: Hi Cindy, We hope you are safe and healthy! We just wanted to reach out and give you an update on our fur baby! Finnegan is almost 5 years old! We are just as in love with him today as we were the day we adopted him. He has brought so much joy to our lives and cannot thank you enough for rescuing our pup. Finnegan is 83 lbs. and up for anything! He loves playing in the snow, chasing snow balls, and being the king of the castle. He loves the water (except baths but he has grown to tolerate them), camping and hiking, he even carries all his own gear. We can't go anywhere without someone telling us how handsome he is. He is very gentle with kids and is protective of his people. He loves to sleep in our bed and he has pretty much taken over our entire couch. He loves to play and still has that puppy energy. He is so kind and will lick your tears if you've had a bad day. We keep in touch with Shirley and have seen his brother over the years, this last year has been tough with COVID, but I think there will be a meet up again in their future. I've included a bunch of photos...I could send you dozens and go on and on about our wonderful boy, but I won't overwhelm your inbox! Love, Lindsay, Will, and Finnegan __________________________ Hi Cindy, We just wanted to say thank you again! We decided to name our new family member Finnegan, Finn for short :) We are having so much fun with him and he is doing really well! Here are some photos of his first day. Lindsay, Will, and Finn


Here is Sylvia (upper step) with her little sister Rose in their new home. We are thrilled they have found such a great new mom!!

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